Diagram of DB320  (TT320)

From C. N. Reeves The Valley of the Kings; the Decline
of a Royal Necropolis
(Kegan Paul International, 1990) 184.

Initials refer to locations in which specific mummies were found.
See TT320 Location Diagram.

For more data on DB320/TT320, click here. Then go to the Russian Academy of Science's Center for Egyptological Studies TT320 page where you will be able to access online copies of classic works (by Brugsch, Maspero, and others) that record the discoveries in this important cache tomb. The extensive CESRAS Flickr Photostream also provides a lot of valuable photographic data about the coffins, shabtis and other objects found in TT320.

Watch Dik van Bommel's short You Tube video of his visit to TT320.

Watch a complete version of The Night of the Counting of the Years (1969),
Shadi Abdel Salam's cinematic masterpiece about the discovery of TT320
and its dramatic impact on the Abd el-Rasul family and the Egyptologists
who wanted to save its contents for posterity. (With English subtitles.)